Solution for Agents - Digital inclusion of Non-smartphone based users.

Adding Non-smartphone based users digitally to facilitate farmers and also helps in cluster farming.

Agents can on-board farmers.

Farmers can be helped to get register on GROWPAK app and facilitated on farm creation.

  • Farmers will get their soil analysis, plant health, water stress and management zones information in the form of reports with the help of respective agents.
  • Agents are responsible to guide farmers on their farm analysis and zoning to apply inputs, i.e. fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and weedicides etc.
  • Agents are helpful in identifying management zones of the farmer's land and in managing their farms more closely which the farmers can't do themselves.
  • Agents are usually in direct contact with the agri-experts and can send questions to get answers on specific farms.
  • Agents can also arrange farmers session to create awareness among farming community whenever is required.
  • Agents are also responsible in collecting field and farms operations during the crop cycle so that same could be shared positively with the agri-experts.
  • At the end of the crop cycle, agent(s) will collect data on input cost for whole crop cycle and yield data of the respective farm(s) so that cost-benefit analysis could be generated and shared with farmers accordingly.
  • Agents works with the company and gets commission.

  • As per company policy, Agent will be a representative and get incentives on providing services to his farmers.
  • Agent can get a full time job if his position is considered more reliable by the company.
  • Agents can work as a Marketing Representative in our company.

    As per company marketing policy, Agent may be considered as a focal person for marketing the services based upon his experience in respective field.