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Fertilizer recommendation

A more accurate, efficient, and economical technique of monitoring the fertilizer need of your field. The crop's nutrient requirement is determined by measuring the soil nutrient supply, total crop nutrient needs based on historical data, and crop state.


SOC analysis

Growtech developed remote sensing-based method to map the distribution of soil organic carbon in field. Farmers can check the SOC status of their fields with a single click. The main purpose of this analysis is to enhance agricultural yields, improve soil quality, and reduce soil loss.


Plant health analysis

This analysis allows farmers to track near real-time crop health and evaluate crop development. It supports farmers in making quick, cost-effective judgments about field crops . Farmers can focus on problematic areas rather than the whole field.


Water Stress Analysis

This analysis maps the entire field according to water status of the field. Farmers can easily identify the exact area where and when urgent application of irrigation is required to avoid yield losses caused by lack or excess of water in the field.


Farm Management

After adding your farm, you can log all activities done on your farm along with their cost You can check your total cost and profit per crop cycle. Your farm data is kept in one place and available with just a simple click and saving time.


Cluster Farming

Growtech encourages cluster farming to assist small-scale farmers in increasing farm productivity and contributing to food security. Growtech is engaging farmer communities through their services in cluster farming to bring a measurable and sustainable improvement in agricultural sector.


Crop Advisory

Growtech posted 38 crop advisories based on the most recent research and information from planting to harvesting in the GROWPAK app free of cost for their farmers. The basic purpose of this service is to educate farmers and provide the best agronomic practices.


Farm Reports

All of the analysis is presented in the form of reports. Our professionals translate analysis into farmer-friendly language. Growtech produces soil carbon and nitrogen analysis reports once during the crop cycle, as well as plant health and water analysis reports after every ten days.


Ask Expert

Farmers can ask their farm related any agricultural question within the app which directly goes under review by our Agri experts. After careful analysis, our experts address the incoming queries as soon as possible and provide tailored farming solutions to our customers.


Weather Forecast & Alerts

Growtech provides weather forecasts for farmers' farms, allowing them to organize their agricultural activities accordingly. This service assists them in mitigating the destructive effects of extreme weather conditions which ultimately effect.


Agri news

Our team collects and shares the latest agricultural information in the agri-news section. Farmers get the latest agriculture news, including updates on agriculture policy, machinery, livestock, crop, and technology to keep our users up to date.


Management zones

Not all fields are alike. Through this service farms are divided into multiple zones, each zone responds differently to inputs, and these management zones allow for better placement of inputs. Management zoning enables farmers to focus on it.


Agri Commerce

Growtech provides a platform for agriculture-based companies and farmers to buy and sell their commodities. Farmers can easily get access to required items. We are committed to provide reliable resources to end users to reduce extra traveling costs and bargaining hassles.

How to use GROWPAK App?

GROWPAK App Introduction

Our satellite based data will help you determine the nutrients in your soil, problematic areas, health of crops and will suggest you the cost effective and output oriented fertilizer blends for your farm. We are committed to increase the productivity and quality of the crop while minimizing the input cost.

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GROWPAK App Installation

Open Google Play Store application on your Android phone and Download GROWPAK App.

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Create Account

1. Open GROWPAK App.
2. Select language.
3. Tap on register here.
4. Select profile i-e; Farmer or Agent.
5. Verify your phone number using OTP.
6. Add all the details on the Signup page.
7. Tap on Just Agri-Service for now.
8. Congrats! You have created your Account.

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Create Farmer (As an Agent)

After the creation of account as an Agent,
1. You goes to Dashboard.
2. Tap on farmers card.
3. Now, tap on bottom-right Add button on the Farmers page.
4. Add all the details then tap on ADD FARMER Button.
5. Farmer is successfully added.

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Create Farm

1. On Dashboard, Tap Farms card.
2. Now, tap on bottom-right Add button on the Farms page.
3. You goes to ADD FARM Page.
4. App is taking your Permission to Turn ON your Loaction. Tap on "Allow only by using this app".
5. Search your Farm location and add boundries of the your Farm.
6. Now, Tap on ADD Farm Button then you goes to Farm Detail form.
7. Fill all the fields then Submit the form.
8. Congrats! You have created your Farm on GROWPAK App.

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Subscribe our Services

After the creation of your Farm,
1. Tap on the Farm you have created.
2. On top of the page Analysis, tap on Subscribe Now Button. It
opens popup Message. Tap on Email or Whatsapp to subscribe
our services.

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Use our Services

After you have Subscribed our Services,
1. Tap on the Farm you have created.
2. Use the following services to analyze your farm:

  • Plant Health

  • Water Stress

  • Nitrogen Precipitation

  • Soil Organic Carbon(SOC)

3. Ask Agri experts about any issue you are facing via Ask Expert feature.

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Sajid Bhatti

Sugarcane & Cotton Farmer

Using Growtech Services helps us a lot in managing our crops. It has made easier to irrigate the crops and use the recommended fertilizers. In the future, such technology could be of great benefit to farmers and Agri service providers.

Aftab Ahmed Sidhu

Millet & Maize Farmer

GROWTECH is giving very good and useful advice to the farmers by analyzing the crops which are proving to be very helpful in enabling the growth and development of the crops. Thank you for providing the best services.

Asif Safdar

Sugarcane and Cotton Farmer

By using Growtech Services, I get timely assessment of crop diseases. In addition, the production cost of my crops has come down as compared to earlier. This is the reason I am very grateful to GROWTECH.

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